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Personal Training 

The most personal of my programs. 
What you get with personal training:
  • Weekly personal training regimen.
  • Text daily for accountability.  
  • Personal meal plan
  • 911 text help. 
  • By-weekly body fat testing.  
  • Mandatory day planner training/submission.
  • Weekly training session. . 
  • Weekly photo submission.
  • A lot of love and a healthy kick in the pants! 
12 weeks to CHANGE!!!

For the team player!
This program offers the same phenomenal personalized
 coaching as personal training. However, the 12 weeks to CHANGE is focused on habitual practices that form a new lifestyle.
This is one of my strongest programs.
Created for the client who has
identified an unhealthy lifestyle and
deeply desires to bring long term results. 
Only those who are ready, need apply! 
require a sit down one on one before acceptance into this program. 
A deposit is required and I have a 3 strike system developed that keeps you financially bound to your commitment. 
Rock Hard Boot Camp

4 week group class.


Classes meet 1, 2, or 3 x a week for 4 weeks. 
I do a beginning Army standard fit assessment test and use that as a baseline for the clients progress. I repeat the assessment at the end of the 4 week session. 

This class uses natural elements to build muscle and create a HIIT cardio regimen. 

This class is intense, but is structured so all levels can perform within their boundaries and limitations. 

Running is part of the class, however, walking is acceptable with an explanation for restrictions. 

My personal goal is to change a community, one life at a time!

My name is Kandi Wyss.

I am founder and creator of BeYou life studio. 

My programs are all structured to create the "BEST" you, that you can possibly be.

I use the mind and body connection to help you create long term changes, changes that are practical and fit your life.

I am an 80/20 Coach.

Everything in life has a balance, allow me to show you how to find it.

I implement practical tools that encourage the client to achieve balance on their own.

Education and liberation.

I strive to aid my clients in breaking the dependency cycle and find the freedom that is within their individual self.

The freedom of knowing who you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there... priceless!!!

Join me on a fantastic, yet intense, voyage through any one of my life changing programs.

I absolutely love what I do and I marvel at  watching my clients learn and grow and become the CHANGE! 

Contact me TODAY!


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